Thank you to everyone for coming out to watch us distill. We had so much fun, we are doing it again! This time we will make an all-corn whiskey and turn most of it into our delicious and unique Apple Pie Moonshine! Come and catch us in the act!! Enjoy a selection from our Fall menu with plenty of Pumpkin and spice. We have pumpkin martinis, warm cider and 'shine, creamy , delicious Fall Fair Ukranians and more! You can taste them all and choose your favorite. WE ARE CLOSED OCTOBER 13th!!! Tasting room is open Friday 4-9, Saturday 2-9 and Sunday 1-5. Please try our Kerry Out Program so you can have an Independent Spirit wherever you go! Thank you for your support.

About Us

Small-batch craft spirits

We may be the first craft distillery in Gloucester County but we know we won’t be the last. Craft distilling is here to stay and we are overjoyed to be part of the movement. Our family owned and operated craft distillery is proud to produce every drop of our Spirit right here in the barn of our ten acre farm. We only use locally grown grains and fruits to create our Spirits and all our water comes from our private well. That means every drop of Independent Spirit is true craft and purely South Jersey. Homegrown and Handcrafted, everything craft is supposed to be.


Back in 2013 when Kerry first realized she could open a Craft Distillery she had no idea what she was really getting in to. But there were some things she was sure of: she knew that she was committed to hand crafting every Independent Spirit through the entire process of distillation in house. She knew she would only source ingredients from the bounty of fruits and grains offered in the South Jersey countryside and never, ever source commercial, neutral spirits to re-bottle and pretend she made.

Kerry became a craft distiller because she wanted to make Spirits. She is committed to her craft and she is passing that commitment on to the next generation. Sons Mark and Erik now play major roles in the operations of the distillery. The energy and ideas that they bring make the future look very bright for Independent Spirits Distillery.

Independent Spirits Distillery


Our Mueller Still is the centerpiece of our operation. Custom made in Germany, erected at our barn by family members, it is the heart of the matter in producing our grain to glass spirits.

We have a full line of Spirits all made from local grains and distilled in our beautiful Mueller Still. The whole family lends a hand and plays their important part in the operation, and we are all very proud of what we create here. The only thing more gratifying than making the Spirits together is sharing them with others and seeing them delight in the fruits of our labors.

We hope you enjoy our Independent Spirits as much as we enjoy making them for you. From our family to yours thank you for your support!





Independent Spirits Distillery New Jersey