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Small-batch craft spirits

We may be the first craft distillery in Gloucester County but we know we won’t be the last. Craft distilling is here to stay and we are overjoyed to be part of the movement.


Back in 2013 when we first realized we could open a Craft Distillery we had no idea what we were really getting in to. But there were some things we were sure of: we knew that we were committed to hand crafting all our Spirits throughout the entire process of distillation ourselves. We knew we would only source from the bounty of fruits and grains offered in the South Jersey countryside surrounding our farm, never source commercial, neutral spirits to re-bottle as our own. And finally, we would buy all our grains and ingredients from local farm families.

The decision to make those commitments has come to define and distinguish us more than any other choice we have made.

Now in 2021, having run the gauntlet of 2020 and countless other challenges we are still here and still committed. 


Independent Spirits Distillery


Our Mueller Still is the centerpiece of our operation. Custom made in Germany, erected at our barn by family members, it is the heart of the matter in producing our grain to glass spirits.

We have a full line of Spirits that are being well received by the visitors to our Tasting Room and the growing number of retail stores where they are available. We can proudly share our first Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It is more juvenile delinquent than distinguished elder statesman, but we are damn proud of it and look forward to seeing what the other barrels will yield as they continue to age. We are proud of everything we make and of all the hard work we put in to making it. Everything we create is in small batches, so there is lots of room for experimentation!

We hope you enjoy our Independent Spirits as much as we enjoy making them for you. Thank you for your support!





Independent Spirits Distillery New Jersey

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