This March we will be celebrating all things Irish! I As luck would have it, I am Irish and I make a delicious Irish Cream! Now that a make my own booze too... well it is just such a beautifully " lucky happenstance" I must share the fruits of my experiences. Come by any weekend in March and taste Independent Spirits Irish Cream. Only available in the tasting room or as a Kerry Out. Pre-orders encouraged. Also in celebration, Mark and Erik have concocted some scrumptious hot and iced Irish Coffee concoctions for your enjoyment. Snack service continues and grows! People are loving the chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles and we are adding de minis food. Thank you for your support!

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Nothing beats the sweet tanginess of a classic Snickerdoodle- if you are into that sort of thing. Anyway, by sheer, lucky happenstance, I happened to discover that Snickerdoodles go really well with Bourbon. It doesn't even matter if you are just drinking it straight!

So, now we have Snickerdoodles available for your snacking pleasure.

Enjoy In-House or as a Kerry Out

Home-made and Hand crafted just like everything else we do.